Access the Database Here!

The PBHA Database was 5 years in the making and was finally launched in the fall of 2007! It tracks critical data such as:

  • program history and logistics
  • volunteer and constituent information
  • community partnerships
  • and more!

Some sample applications:

  • contacting former volunteers for program fundraising efforts
  • tracking youth participation in programs—year-round and longitudinally
  • recording best practices for future directors
  • map relationships over time

Keeping up to date

At the beginning of each semester, the PBHA Database Administrator resets the database for the new term. Data from the previous term appears. Directors are asked to check/update the data so that it is accurate for the new term. The more accurate the data, the more useful the tool! Please keep your programs’ information up to date.

To get started:
• Go to
• Username and Password
o Each director for your program should have a username and password
o If you are a new director, and do not yet have a password, or if you have lost your password, email Edwin ( or Tara (
o You can change your password and login in the “Tasks section”

To Update Program Details:
• Go to the ‘Program Tab’
• Find your program– expand or condense the tabs– your program might be under ‘newly created’ or ‘existing programs’
• Click ‘view/update details’ to update information at any time, click “next step” until you reach the applicable page
• Categories are: Basic Info, Program Sites, Logistics, Participant Groups (if your program has sub-groups ie. “Red Group” or “Thursday supervisors”), Emergency Protocols, Money (budget and grants), Community Partners
• At the very least, fill in Basic Info, Program Sites (if applicable), Logistics (if applicable), and Emergency Protocol.
• To add yourself as a director, click ‘view/edit basic information’

To Add/Update Volunteers:
(You need to update returning volunteers and add new volunteers each semester)
• Click on the “People” tab
• Choose a category for “Field 1” (e.g. Last Name). Type in the name of the person you wish to add.
• If this volunteer already has an entry, click ‘view details’; Then, click the grey button that says ‘Add Volunteer Term’. Add the current term (Spring 2009) to their information.
• If there is no entry, click ‘add this person’ and follow the steps on the screen.

For EACH Volunteer, enter at least:
• Name:
• Email:
• Class:
• Concentration:
• House:
• Phone Number:
• Harvard ID:
• Gender:
• Race (optional):
• T-shirt size:

Generating Reports:
Click on the ‘Reports’ tab, and you can find all sort of reports for your program!

• Be sure to login on the database ( not the PBHA home page
• (2) Be sure to use Safari or Firefox
• (3) Passwords are case sensitive. If you don’t have your password either e-mail Edwin ( or Tara (
• (4) When adding volunteer terms, be sure to click “Finish”
• (5) Remember that you can generate reports so you have excel spreadsheets of your participants or volunteers through the reports tab

For more questions, consult this or e-mail the Programming Chairs.