President’s Public Service Fund

(for groups)

PBHA programs should submit their applications to Susan Collings ( so Susan can help make sure all applications are complete, the best they can be, and ready to turn in for funding. PBHA programs should only apply for the amount of funding they need to support their core programming, which may be less than they have received in the past. If you have questions regarding your budgets or how much to apply for, contact PBHA Treasurer or PBHA Financial Administrator, Barbara Cone . If the program has a surplus it needs to be shown as program assets on the financial page of the common application. Grants are turned in by PBHA, so be sure to have your completed grant application to Susan by 3/29 at noon.

Work with your DoP if you need help and submit to Susan with all portions of the application complete, no later than 3/29 at noon. She will be in touch if it needs additional work. It is fine to submit early! Send by email the following:

  • A print-out of your group’s completed Common Grant Application (show Susan before submitting) (Download at:
  • Organizational Profile page (the front page of this application)
  • Narrative Section (up to five double-spaced pages)
  • Final report: if your group received a PPSF grant for this current year (2008-2009), you MUST submit a final report with this new application.

    Download the application: PPSF Operating Grant 2010-2011
    SUBMISSION DEADLINE TO PBHA: March 29th, 2010 at NOON.


    Harvard COOP Public Service Grant for Harvard College

    The Harvard COOP, continuing its tradition of contributions to the community, has awarded money to Phillips Brooks House for redistribution to undergraduate public service organizations providing direct services to low-income communities in the Cambridge-Boston area. Grants of $1,000 or less will be made for special projects taking place during Spring Term or Summer 2010*. Groups can choose to apply for funding for either the Spring Term or the Summer, but not both. (Exceptions may be made on the timing of the project and/or the amount of the grant.) Grants are turned in by PBHA, so be sure to have your completed grant application to Susan by 3/3 at noon.

    Harvard COOP grants are designed to help student-run public service organizations that wish to:
    • Launch a special initiative;
    • Upgrade equipment;
    • Design new materials;
    • Reach new audiences; or
    • Provide summer services (only one request per organization will be considered for summer support).

    Harvard COOP grants are not designed to fund projects or programs that wish to:
    • Support or pay for salaries; or
    • Support projects that do not have a local community reach (e.g. projects that do not directly benefit Greater Boston)

    Download the application: Harvard Coop Public Service Grant Spring 2010


    Harvard Clubs Summer Community Service Fellowship

    (for students)

    The Harvard Clubs Summer Community Service Fellowship (SCSF) Program enables Harvard undergraduates to perform public service in one of several communities across the country. SCSF is coordinated through the joint efforts of CPIC and the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA).

    Local Clubs commit to funding a summer intern and raise money from area alumni/ae. Typically, students locate and arrange an unpaid internship with a local nonprofit organization and then apply to the Local Club for the fellowship. Clubs screen applicants and choose grant recipients.

    Each fellowship carries a stipend of approximately $3,500-4,500, and fellows are expected to devote approximately 10-12 weeks of full-time involvement to their public service project. Housing and living arrangements are typically the responsibility of the recipient, as are any costs incurred over the stipend amount. Please refer to the asterisk next to each Club on the application for the specific conditions of that fellowship.

    Learn more or download an application.