PBHA Resources

As part of the Phillips Brooks House Association a 501(c)3, our programs receive the following resources:

  • Strong reputation in community
  • Participation in collective of persons and programs working towards social justice
  • Programming Groups; Sharing of best practices and mutual support across programs
  • Use of Vans
  • Photocopying, Printing, Postage Machine & Office Supplies
  • Meeting Space, Kitchen, Storage
  • Open Houses for volunteer recruitment
  • Program Mailboxes
  • Computer Lab & Fileserver
  • Liability & Site Insurance Coverage
  • Publicity: Prepared documents and materials, brochures, website, newsletters to volunteers, Facebook, Twitter
  • Directors of Programs (DoPs): each program assigned a DoP to provide programmatic support: mentorship and coaching, program design and management, community relationships, institutional memory, crisis intervention, etc
  • Student Development/Training Staff Member: Centralized trainings and opportunities for trainings individualized to program
  • Finance Office: money management – reimbursements, bank account, records, etc.
  • Fundraising/Development Office: support for fundraising efforts, centralized application process for significant grants
  • Advocacy for PPSF, COOP, and Memorial Church grants
  • Independent nonprofit 501(c)3 status, government tax exemptions, and ability to apply for grants outside Harvard